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Introduction to Agriscience Syllabus

Introduction to Agriscience Syllabus


Introduction to Agriscience                                                                           Mr. Jonathan King

2012-2013                                                                                                       Planning- 4th period

3rd & 7th period                                                                                               jonathanking@franklin.k12.al.us

Agriscience Unit                                                                                             Contact: M-F 7:30- 3:30


Course Description

Introduction to Agriscience is an exploratory course that provides Grade 7 students the opportunity to gain knowledge and acquire skills in the areas of animal science, plant science, ecology, conservation, and agriscience careers. Instruction also focuses on Agriscience technologies in the areas of woodworking, electricity, metal fabrication, and power mechanics.  Students utilize knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom to develop the Supervised Agricultural Experience Program (SAEP).



Grades will be calculated on 100 point scale.  All grades will be averaged together to calculate the grade at the end of each nine week period.  Grades will be taken from class assignments, hands on projects, and participation in the class.

Grading scale

90%-100%= A

80%-89% = B

70%-79% = C

60%-69% = D

Below 60%= F


Topics to be covered

  1. FFA history
  2. FFA procedures and operation
  3. General Safety
  4. Soil Science
  5. Plant Science
  6. Forestry
  7. Animal Science
  8. Environmental Science
  9. Woodworking
  10. Aquaculture
  11. Basic Operation of Small Engines
  12. Tool identification and use
  13. Explore Bow-hunting Course (NEW!)