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Landscape Design & Management Syllabus

Landscape Design & Management Syllabus


Agriscience                                                                                                     Mr. Jonathan King

2012-2013                                                                                                       Planning- 4th period

1st period                                                                                            jonathanking@franklin.k12.al.us

Agriscience Unit                                                                                             Contact: M-F 7:30- 3:30


Course Description

Landscape Design and Management is a rapidly growing area in agriscience. Landscapers play important roles in our lives and in the Earth’s ecosystem. This one-half credit course allows students to become more knowledgeable about and appreciative of landscape design and management. Students receive instruction that allows them to participate in hands-on activities in the areas of careers; safety; landscape drawing and design; landscape plant identification; classification, and selection; landscape growth and the environment; landscape establishment and management; landscape tools and equipment; landscape drainage and irrigation; insects, diseases, and weeds; landscape features; residential turfgrass management; interior plantscapes; xeriscaping; business management; and environmental issues.



Grades will be calculated on 100 point scale.  All grades will be averaged together to calculate the grade  at the end of each nine week period.  Grades will be taken from class assignments, hands on projects, and participation in the class.


Grading scale

90%-100%= A

80%-89%  = B

70%-79%  = C

60%-69%  = D

Below 60%= F


Topics to be Covered

1.     Career Oppurtuntities

2.     Safety

3.     Drawing and Design

4.     Categorize features of outdoor landscape-use areas.

5.     Landscape Plant Identification, Classification, and Selection

6.     Landscape Growth and the Environment

7.     Landscape Establishment

8.     Landscape Management

9.     Tools and Equipment

10.  Drainage and Irrigation

11.  Landscape Features

12.  Turfgrass Management