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Policies and Procedures

Phil Campbell High School

Agriscience Department

Mr. King

Classroom Rules and Procedures


I.                  Procedures for Entering the Classroom

a.     Follow these procedures for entering the classroom:

                                                    i.     Do not stand or wait outside classroom door

                                                  ii.     Enter the room quietly without running or pushing

                                                 iii.     Take your seat

                                                 iv.     Wait for instructions from the teacher


II.               If you are late

a.     You are late to class if you are not inside the room when the bell begins to ring.  If you are late you must:

                                                    i.     Walk in as quietly as possible

                                                  ii.     Sign-in at the tardy sheet (Name, date, time).  If you have a pass leave it in the notebook.

                                                 iii.     Take your seat.

                                                 iv.     Join the activity in progress. If you don’t know what the class is doing raise your hand until the teacher sees you.

b.      Consequences for Tardiness (see Classroom Rules and Consequences)


III.               If You Are Absent

a.     It is your responsibility to make up any work missed due to an absence.  We will follow the policy for make-up located in your student handbook.

                                                    i.     You must ask the teacher if there are any assignments to be made-up when you return to school.

                                                  ii.     You can get any notes that were missed from a responsible peer in your class

                                                 iii.     Make arrangements with the teacher to make-up any missed tests.


IV.             Turning in Assignments

a.     All assignments will be turned in by placing in the class folder located on the teacher’s desk.




V.               Procedure for the end of class

a.     Right before the bell rings everyone should: be in their seat, be quiet, gather materials, and wait for the teacher to dismiss the class.


VI.             Restroom Policy

a.     In order to control traffic in and out of the classroom we will follow the following restroom policy. 

                                                    i.     You may only go to the restroom if:

1.     You have finished all of your assigned work

2.     You have not abused this privilege in the past

3.     Other situations that the teacher deems necessary

VII.            Classroom Rules

a.     Be on time (This means in your seat ready to work when the tardy bell rings)

b.     Be Prepared (Have all materials necessary to complete classwork with you when you enter the classroom)

c.      Be Respectful (You show respect to the teacher when you do what he says without complaining or talking back, do not touch the teacher’s property without his permission, and follow all rules and procedures.  You show respect to your classmates when you follow all rules and procedures, are quiet and attentive when they are asking a question, do not use obscene or vulgar language around them, and do not tease and make fun of them.)


VIII.          Consequences

a.     Every decision we make in our lives comes with some type of consequence.  We must learn to be held accountable for our actions and accept those consequences.  This is what will happen if you choose violate one of the classroom rules:

                                                    i.     1st offense: Warning (Verbal reprimand from the teacher)

                                                  ii.     2nd offense: Call to a parent/guardian

                                                 iii.     3rd offense: Corporal Punishment or ISS

                                                 iv.     4th offense: Referred to the Office