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Leann Trapp Staff Photo

Welcome to Second Grade! 

 little boy and little girl in flower garden


This year is going to be an amazing adventure for all of us. You'll find Mrs. Trapp enjoys having fun   with learning and wants you to participate in that fun! One of the greatest things you will learn in second grade won't be how to read, how to do triple digit addition or subtraction, or even how to write a friendly letter. Those will ALL be an important part of our second grade year, but the most important thing you will learn is how to be respectful to those around you, helpful to those in need, and kind to someone who needs a friend. You will also begin to understand that we are all different, that's what makes us UNIQUE, and that's a beautiful thing! You are an amazing, unique individual with something wonderful to share with our class...and I am looking forward to getting to know how wonderful your personality and creativity truly is. Welcome to Second Grade!