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Supply List 

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 ___ 1One inch White Binder with Clear Front Cover

___ 6 Glue Sticks

___ 1 Pair of Blunt End Scissors

___ 5 Boxes of 24 Count Crayola Crayons (other brands break easily & smear)

___ 1 Fabric 3-Hole Zipper Pouch with Clear Front Window (to go inside binder)

___ 1 (4-Pack) of Black EXPO Dry-Erase Markers (for students’ writing boards)

___ 1Pack of Copy Paper

___ 1 Bottle of Hand Sanitizer

___ 1 Box of Tissues

___ 2 Rolls of Paper Towels

___ 1 Pack of Baby Wipes (for wiping hands & face)

___ 3 Cans of Disinfecting Wipes (for cleaning tables & chairs)

___ 1Pack of Pencil-Top Erasers (boys only)

___ 1 (4-Pack) of Play-Doh  (boys only)

___ 1 Pack of Construction Paper (girls only)

___ 1 Pack of Gallon Size Ziplock Bags (girls only)

___ 1 Pair of Headphones (for computer lab)

      (Please do NOT get earbuds.  Kindergarten ears are not quite big enough for them)

___ 1 Backpack (no wheels & large enough for one inch binder to fit inside)


(If you can and would like to help, a $20.00 classroom donation is requested to purchase additional things needed throughout the year, such as arts & crafts supplies, other school tools, center activities, special day items, etc.)


***Please only purchase the items listed above, any supplies not listed are provided by the teacher and/or school.


***Student names do not need to be put on the supplies.