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Walker Kennerly Staff Photo

Class Schedule  

Mr. Kennerly's Class Schedule 2018-2019

Breakfast (7:35-7:50)-7th graders

1st period (7:50-8:45)-Life Science (7th graders)

2nd period (8:48-9:43)-Biology (9th graders)

Break (9:43-9:58)-8th graders

3rd Period (9:58-10:53) Physical Science (8th graders)

4th Period (10:56-12:07) ACCESS-Health (9th graders)

5th Period (12:10-1:02) Robotics/Enrichment (9th graders)

6th Period (1:05-1:57) Earth Science (6th graders)

7th Period (2:00-3:00) Planning (Help with Athletics)