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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide students a challenging and engaging curriculum with high expectations while fostering a safe and supportive environment where all students are given equal opportunity for success.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to graduate highly performing skilled and successful students.  Our students are respectful, self-disciplined and engaged in their own learning facilitated by collaboration with effective educators, parents and surrounding community.

WE BELIEVE .......

  1. All students will learn.
  2. All available resources will be utilized to ensure student success.
  3. Everyone needs to model shared leadership. 
  4. Creating a shared vision will empower others.
  5. Communication, our shared vision requires honesty and consistency.
  6. All people should be treated with respect and dignity.
  7. We demonstrate trustworthiness by all we say and do.
  8. We need to listen emphatically and respectfully.
  9. Everyone is important therefore, we will always follow-up and follow-through.
  10. What's best for our students come first and foremost!


About our School


East Franklin Junior High School opened its doors in 1971, but the traditions and values of the school began in the earlier community schools including Union School and Trapptown School.  East Franklin's first principal was R.H. Thompson who lived in a mobile home on the school campus.  The original buildings consisted of a gymnasium, office and seven classrooms.   

The gymnasium originally served double duty as a lunchroom and gymnasium.  A new lunchroom was added in the early 1990's.   

The first faculty at East Franklin consisted of 8 teachers Ruby Bradford, Frank and Elaine Murray, Jack Steele, Helen Sparks, Prudence North, Ruth Rice and Patsy McReynolds.  There were seven boys and one girl in the first graduating class at East Franklin.   

Hoyt Dillard served as principal of the school from 1972-1980.  During the 1972 school year, there were 220 students enrolled at East Franklin.  There was a football program for several years with Jerry Thomas as the coach.  Jerry Hester took over the Rebel's team in 1974.   

The principals of East Franklin have been R.H. Thompson (1971), Hoyt Dillard (1972-1980), William Smith (1981-1990), Larry Whitfield (1990-1995), Gary Harris (1995-2010) and Scott Wigginton (2010-2013). 

 East Franklin is the only Pre K through 9th grade school in the area.  East Franklin serves as a feeder school for Phil Campbell, Russellville and Tharptown.  East Franklin offers a low student teacher ratio providing high expectations for student success.  Over the course of the last 5 years East Franklin Alumni have been the Valedictorian three years and the Salutatorian two years.  East Franklin Junior High alumni have filled 38 percent of the top 10 in the feeder schools during the course of the last five years, exemplifying the great success and determination of our students


How many books can you read?

School begins at 7:50 a.m.  If your child arrives after 7:50 a.m. the student must be signed in by parent/guardian in the...